iOS 11 Edition Coming Soon

On September 12, Apple announced a release date for the latest version of iOS. You will be able to update your Apple mobile devices to iOS 11 on September 19. The iOS 11 update for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch offers many new and updated features, including enhancements to the accessibility suite. I’m excited to announce that I will publish an updated edition of iOS Access for All that covers all the new iOS 11 goodies. The update is based on the current edition, but you’ll get a completely new book, not an addendum to the earlier version.

iOS Access for All (iOS 11 edition will be available this fall. Anyone who buys a copy of the current edition from my Web site between September 19 and the release of the updated book will receive the iOS 11 edition free. When the update is ready, you will receive an email from me, with a download link to the new book, in the format you chose for your original purchase.

NOTE: I am not able to offer the free iOS 11 update to folks who purchase the book via the Apple iBooks Store, since Apple does not make it possible for me to know who bought the book after iOS 11’s release. If you prefer iBooks, I suggest you wait to buy the iOS 11 edition. iBooks Store buyers will, however, receive any free minor updates I publish during the life of the book, as will all buyers of the iOS 11 edition

As always, thanks for your continued support of iOS Access for All. I’m working hard to make this the best, most comprehensive guide to iOS accessibility you can get. I appreciate your patience, as I complete the writing and editing process.

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Note: Please choose carefully from the formats avaialble. We will be unalbe to replace a book with a copy in a different format without an additional charge.

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