I really appreciate your stopping by the Web site for iOS Access for All: Your Comprehensive Guide to Accessibility for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (iOS 10 edition.) If you want to know what the book is all about, or are trying to decide whether to purchase a copy, here are a few links that should answer most of your questions:

  • Sample Chapter: Download Chapter 5, “Siri and Voice Input.” You’ll learn what’s in the book, my writing style, and how to use Siri, no matter what accessibility needs you have.
  • Table of Contents: Get a detailed look at what’s in each chapter of iOS Access for All (iOS 9 Edition).
  • FAQ: This series of questions and answers is evolving, but you can start here.
  • Download/Reading FAQ: Get tips for successfully downloading your copy of iOS Access for All, and reading it accessibly on the device of your choice.
  • Press: Hear and read what others are saying.
  • Buy the Book: Purchase a copy of the ePub or PDF edition for $20, using PayPal or a credit card. If you would like to purchase multiple copies for your school or agency, please contact sales [at] iosaccessbook.com to discuss a bulk discount.

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  1. Comment by Rod Carne:

    I should be very pleased to purchase your book if you can advise me of a suitable app to read it with. Please! Not that nightmare called Voice Dream Reader… Thanks Rod

    • Comment by Shelly:

      If you want to read the book on your iOS device, you can use iBooks. On a Mac or PC, any app that can read ePub will work. If you don’t want to use ePub, I will be releasing an accessible PDF version of the book very soon, which you will be able to read with any PDF-capable software.

      • Comment by rod:

        I saw that your book was on offer at $16. But can I make the link work. NO I CANNOT! Please email me with the HOW TO DO IT. Thanks Rod Carne

        • Comment by Shelly:

          Hi Rod,
          I’m not sure why the link doesn’t work for you. Were you trying the Apple iBooks link, or one of the PayPal buttons? Please note that the $16 price ended Friday. The regular price for the book is $20.

  2. Comment by Robert Stacey:

    After reading your book ‘iOS Access for All’ I have a few comments and suggestions that I would like to send to you. This blog is not the place for this type of feedback. Is there an email address you could give me so that I can attach my notes and comments?

  3. Comment by Robert Stacey:

    I sent my comments and notes to you at:
    As this is not exactly the same as the address in your previous reply I just wanted to make sure that my efforts did not just disappear into the ‘eather’!
    Maybe you could drop me a note to indicate that you received the email and attachments.
    If you found them useful I will send any other comments or suggestions I might have when I read other parts of your book.

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    […] From the VoiceOver screen reader, and support for hearing aids and closed captioning, Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, includes features that make it easy for people with a wide range of disabilities to use the company’s popular iDevices. iOS Access for AllĀ is the most thorough, hands-on guide to iOS accessibility available. Readers will learn how to set up and use an iOS device in an accessible way, and how to get the most from the suite of apps provided by Apple, and the thousands more that are available from the App Store. The book also introduces mainstream iOS tools, including the Siri voice assistant, that weren’t designed for accessibility, but that nonetheless enhance the productivity and pleasure of disabled users. Find lots more info on this site, including a sample chapter, complete table of contents and lots more. Read my Welcome post. […]

  5. Comment by Dave Popeck:

    Great work on this book. Very useful. I’d love to have Shelly talk to our local MUG by video (we’re not close to Austin) if she had the time and inclination. If not, I appreciate the effort that went into the book. Highly recommended.

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