A Great Big Update: iOS 13 Edition Released

I’m thrilled to announce the release of iOS Access for All: Your Comprehensive Guide to Accessibility for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (iOS 13 Edition). This is the seventh edition of my book, and it’s fully updated for iOS 13.2. The book has grown along with Apple’s mobile software – it’s just shy of 184,000 words, and includes 11 chapters. But more important than word or page count, iOS Access for All remains the most comprehensive iOS accessibility resource anywhere!

iOS Access for All guides you step-by-step through Apple tools designed or people with blindness, low-vision, hearing impairments, and motor disabilities. Readers also learn how to make the most of all apps installed by Apple, along with iOS. You will also find reviews of over 100 outstanding App Store apps that happen to be accessible.

  • New chapter, and streamlined organization: For the iOS 13 edition, there’s a brand-new chapter focusing exclusively on iPadOS, a version of iOS that makes the most of the power and extra screen real estate on Apple’s tablets. Other chapters have been moved or reorganized to better address the growing iOS feature set.
  • Focus on new accessibility features: From Voice Control to Dark Mode; Commands for VoiceOver to expanded accessible setup options, iOS 13 is a big release for accessibility, and this edition covers all of it in detail.
  • More for the mainstream: Important new features in iOS 13 include new text editing gestures, quick path typing (VoiceOver accessible, by the way), beefed-up Shortcuts, redesigned share sheets, changes to location services, and lots more. The new book puts it all into an accessible context.
  • Apps with new faces: Apple has updated a number of the apps it installs along with iOS, In some cases, that means accessibility improvements. Check out the redesigned Reminders, along with significantly updated Files, Maps, and Notes, and all the rest, too.

Get the book in ePub or PDF format for $25US from this site. You can also purchase it from the Apple Books Store. This site has lots more info, including a sample chapter, complete table of contents and testimonials from readers. And read my Welcome post.

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