iOS Access for All (iOS 10 Edition): sample chapter

Shelly Brisbin is a writer, editor, podcaster, and cocktail enthusiast. Her current project is iOS Access for All (iOS 10 Edition), a comprehensive guide to accessibility for Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. She contributes features and reviews to AccessWorld Magazine, and produces podcasts for freelance clients. Shelly’s career in tech journalism spans 25 years, 15 books, hundreds of articles and blog posts for leading tech publications, and several stints on the editorial staffs of leading trade publications and Web sites. She served as editor-in-chief of Blogger & Podcaster Magazine, networking editor for MacUser Magazine, and an editor for online learning company, Powered, Inc. and  two Hoover’s Web sites. Her podcasts include The Parallel, Maccessibility Roundtable, and the award-winning Shelly’s Podcast. When she’s not working, Shelly spends time with her husband and cats in Austin, Texas, watches ancient movies, and reads books, many of which are made of paper.


  1. Comment by Shelly:

    Well, I’m a podcaster myself; have been sine 2005.

  2. Comment by Deborah Shadovitz:

    Shelley’s background and body of work is extensive. More so than most folks will actually ever know. Chances are great that if you’ve been reading about Macintosh since the early days, you’ve learned from Shelley.
    She’s also quite impressive.
    Shelley, I am excited that you’re doing this book. I’ve been writing and living in the tech world since 1989 and from all that I know, I don’t believe there’s another person more suited to this task and able to track, experiment, experience, question, document and explain.

  3. Comment by Geoff Adams-Spink:

    Shelley, this is a great blog post about iOS 7 and Low vision. I really think that future releases will have to reinstate some of the previous, excellent colour contrast that we enjoy in I OS 6. Personally, I’m finding the keyboard to be particularly problematic and, as you say, inconsistent.

  4. Comment by Sitkabob:

    Shelly – I found a reference to you this AM on Applevis – where a lowvision individual left a linkk to your site.
    How do I purchase your book – can it be downloaded onto my ipod nano?
    Looking forward to “hearing” what you have written.
    Bob in Sitka

  5. Comment by Lynne Koral:

    I have blind and 61 and would like to learn podcasting, would like to coach and mentor others. I appreciate this information and congratulations, Shelly. Lynne

  6. Comment by Ric Melton:

    I bought this book for my blind niece. She is already fairly proficient with iOS VoiceOver. However, anything that gives her any advantage is worth looking into.

    I just wish there were more resources available for OS X (Macintosh) VoiceOver, which is much, much more powerful (and complex). Ironically, there are very few resources that cover it. OS X VoiceOver is where she needs the most help and is also what would give her the biggest advantages.

  7. Comment by Jessica R:

    Hello Mrs. Brisbane. Your work is very insightful and easy to follow. We at CoolBlindTech would love to provide you with the opportunity for a Spotlight Interview. This would highlight your work, and your unique talents in writing and podcasting. We hope you have an excellent holiday season.

  8. Comment by C.W.:

    Hi Shilly,
    Apart IOS access for all, what other books you are currently working on? Will you write on Watch OS?

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