Thank you for visiting the Web site for iOS Access for All: Your Comprehensive Guide to Accessibility for iPhone and iPad (iOS 17 edition).  From here, you can buy the book. Or, if you have questions, learn more about it from the links below.
iOS Access for All is available in ePub or PDF format for $25US. You can also buy the ePub version, or one of several chAPPters from the Apple Books Store. Finally, you can purchase both ePub and PDF versions for $30.

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  1. I listened to you on MacVoices and was intrigued by your book…until I saw the price. $25 is a lot for an ebook (especially for a 73-year-old guy who is trying to support his tech habit on social security. I suggest that you look at the pricing model of Take Control books. In fact, why not hook up with them? You’ll be getting less per book, but I’ll bet that the exposure they have in the market would more than make up for that in total book sales. Also, this topic seems to be one that would fall right into their arena.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I publish this book independently because it’s the only option available to me. Most publishers are not interested in books that cover accessibility topics because the number of copies they could sell would not support their business model. I spend several months each year working on this book, and my time and expertise have value. I’m sorry that you feel an 11-chapter, 184,000-word book for $25 is not right for you.

  2. Hi Shelly,
    In this time of distance learning due to COVID-19, I have been looking for resources that I can use with students who are visually impaired. My plan was to teach them to use the accessibility features in person but I think this book will provide me with great info to share! I’m wondering if you’ve ever considered or if there would be a way to edit it down to be a user manual of sorts for kids? I like the visuals you have but want to give them simple steps to follow (ex: how to turn on Zoom and simple commands), perhaps in one-page versions. I’ve seen some YouTube videos out there but one of the students I work with does not have internet access.
    Nicole Schmidt
    Teacher of the Visually Impaired

    1. Hi Nicole,
      That’s an interesting idea. I have had thoughts along the lines of making shortened versions of a chapter or two, but I’ve never thought about how I would focus the content to work best for kids. Maybe audio would be a way to do that. Thanks for the thought.

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