iOS Access for All (iOS 10 Edition): sample chapter

I’ve received a lot of great feedback about iOS Access for All. A number of people tell me they particularly appreciate my tips and tricks for getting the most from apps included with their iOS devices. To give you a quick reference for individual apps, I turned some of these sections into what I call chAPPters; short ePub documents you can grab from the iBookstore for just $.99. Each chAPPter covers a single app that is included with iOS. All have been updated for iOS 8.

If you already have iOS Access for All, you’ll find this material in Chapter 8: Access to Apple Apps. ChAPPters currently do not contain new information. If you don’t have the book, chAPPters are a great way to get a feel for my approach to iOS accessibility.

Would you like a chAPPter that isn’t listed here? Drop me a line, or leave a note in the comments.

Download chAPPters from the iBookstore, using your iOS device or your computer.

Coming Soon:


  1. Comment by Maureen Orcutt:

    Hi, I just purchased your IOS Access for All. Can you please send me the updated iOS 8 information, when it is available in Jan.?
    Thank you!

  2. Comment by Maureen Orcutt:

    Thank you Shelly. The IOS Acess for All resource is wonderful!

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