I’ve received a lot of great feedback about iOS Access for All. A number of people tell me they particularly appreciate my tips and tricks for getting the most from apps included with their iOS devices. To give you a quick reference for individual apps, I turned some of these sections into what I call chAPPters; short ePub documents you can grab from the iBookstore for just $.99. Each chAPPter covers a single app that is included with iOS. All have been updated for iOS 8.

If you already have iOS Access for All, you’ll find this material in Chapter 8: Access to Apple Apps. ChAPPters currently do not contain new information. If you don’t have the book, chAPPters are a great way to get a feel for my approach to iOS accessibility.

4 Thoughts to “ChAPPters

  1. Hi, I just purchased your IOS Access for All. Can you please send me the updated iOS 8 information, when it is available in Jan.?
    Thank you!

    1. Maureen,
      I will send an email with the link to the update, as soon as it’s ready. And thanks so much for buying the book.

      1. Hi Shelly,
        Can you please send me an email with the link to the updated information.
        Thank you

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