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iOS 9 Plans

A number of people have asked about my plans for an iOS 9 update to iOS Access for All. The answer is yes: there will be an update, most likely in the fall. If Apple sticks to its usual pattern, iOS 9 will become available in September. My update will be based on the released […]

What iOS 7 Means for iOS Access for All

Apple’s announcement this week of the next software release for iDevices has been anticipated for awhile. What many didn’t expect was that iOS 7 would come with a significantly redesigned visual interface. And that is what most people have been talking about so far, and what I, as both an author and a low-vision iOS […]

iOS Access for All: FAQ

A lot of people have let me know they are excited about iOS Access for All. I’ve also been asked a number of questions about the book. Here we go! Question: What’s the focus of the book? Answer: iOS Access for All is a comprehensive guide to accessibility in the Apple mobile environment. Part One […]