iOS 17 Released: New Book Coming Soon

Apple released iOS 17 today, September 18. I’m working hard on an updated edition of iOS Access for All: Your Comprehensive Guide to Accessibility for iPhone and iPad. iOS 1y is packed with new features, including cool new accessibility options like Live Speech and Assistive Access. The accessibility features are so momentous that you’ll notice a few changes this year, including two entirely new chapters; one covering speech access, while the other addresses cognitive accessibility features. Everything else will be updated, too, of course.

As in years past, I want to be sure that anyone who wants a copy of the new book can get it as soon as it’s ready. So, if you buy the iOS 16 edition between the day iOS 17 is released to the public and the day I release the iOS 17 edition, I’ll send the new book to you free when it’s ready. You don’t need to do anything. Your updated book will arrive as soon as it’s published. Unfortunately, I can’t offer this deal if you buy the book via the Apple Book Store.

I expect to release iOS Access for All (iOS 17 edition) in mid-November.

Here’s where you can buy the iOS 16 edition. Or you can wait until the iOS 17 book is ready.

ePub Edition

PayPal Buy Button for ePub edition

PDF edition

PayPal Buy Button for PDF edition

ePub and PDF Combo

Buy Button for combo edition

Thank you to the many loyal readers who have purchased multiple editions of iOS Access for All over the years.

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