Posted March 9, 2016 By Shelly

I really appreciate your stopping by the Web site for iOS Access for All: Your Comprehensive Guide to Accessibility for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (iOS 9 Edition.) If you want to know what the book is all about, or are trying to decide whether to purchase a copy, here are a few links that should answer most of your questions:

  • Sample Chapter: Download Chapter 5, “Siri and Voice Input.” You’ll learn what’s in the book, my writing style, and how to use Siri, no matter what accessibility needs you have.
  • Table of Contents: Get a detailed look at what’s in each chapter of iOS Access for All (iOS 9 Edition).
  • FAQ: This series of questions and answers is evolving, but you can start here.
  • Download/Reading FAQ: Get tips for successfully downloading your copy of iOS Access for All, and reading it accessibly on the device of your choice.
  • Press: Hear and read what others are saying.
  • Buy the Book: Purchase a copy of the ePub or PDF edition for $20, using PayPal or a credit card. If you would like to purchase multiple copies for your school or agency, please contact sales [at] iosaccessbook.com to discuss a bulk discount.

Thanks again for stopping by. Tell your friends, or share on social media, won’t you?


All the Updates are Belong to You

Posted April 29, 2016 By Shelly

In the weeks since I released the iOS 9 book, I’ve worked to update the site, and the various ancillary items that go with the book. I’ve also published an update to the actual book, covering iOS 9.3. So here is a quick rundown of what’s new:

  • iOS Access for All is iOS 9.3-ready! If you bought the ePub or PDF edition for iOS 9, you received the updated book. You can get the book here.
  • Five updated chAPPters. You can buy these excerpts from Chapter 8 for $.99 each, via the iBooks Store. If you aren’t sure the book is for you, or want to suggest it to a friend, these short sections covering Safari, Mail, Phone, Calendar, and Maps are a great place to start. And you will learn a lot, too.
  • The free sample chapter (download link) is updated. Learn a log about Siri by downloading Chapter 5, absolutely free.

CSUN Book Sale

Posted March 22, 2016 By Shelly

To celebrate the annual International Technology & Persons with Disability Conference (a.k.a. CSUN) this week, I’m putting iOS Access for All on sale! From now through March 26, take 20 percent off when you purchase either edition from this Web site.

And if you are attending CSUN, look for me, and say “hi.”

Buy the ePub edition:
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